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2021 high quality manufacturer acrylic freestanding soaking bathtubs

2021 high quality manufacturer acrylic freestanding soaking bathtubs

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Item No. 9003 SIZE: 1400*750*580mm 1500*750*580mm 1600*750*580mm 1700*800*600mm
Item Name ACRYLIC FREESTANDING BATHTUB Application Indoor tub
Material acrylic 4mm Certification CE,CUPC
Inner depth 450mm Function option soaking
Packing details standred cartons Quality Guarantee 5years
Loading port Shanghai/Wuhu MOQ 1 Piece
Loading capacity 75pcs Price 200-250USD
Payment terms T/T, L/C, OA Delivery time 25-30days

Acrylic bathtub is characterized by rich shape, light weight, good surface finish and low price.

The heat transfer of acrylic bathtub is very slow, so the thermal insulation effect is good. Even in cold winter, the skin will not feel “cold” when contacting the body surface of acrylic bathtub. When the human body collides with the acrylic bathtub, it generally won’t hurt the body. It is the necessary material for manufacturing a luxury bathtub.

Acrylic is a by-product extracted from deep-sea oil. Compared with cast iron and steel bathtubs, the raw material cost of making bathtubs will be much lower, and the performance is very good. Therefore, it has price advantage and stronger market competitiveness.

Acrylic bathtub has a certain degree of self-healing characteristics. If there are scratches on the surface of acrylic bathtub, the bathtub itself will have a certain degree of self-healing function. Moreover, the surface of acrylic bathtub is smooth, white and easy to clean.


1. Look at the quality of the bathtub

The acrylic bathtub cylinder body is composed of a surface layer (acrylic layer) and an inner layer (glass fiber resin reinforcement layer). The surface layer and inner layer of the high-quality acrylic bathtub are closely combined without layering. There is no cavity sound when knocking gently. The surface is as smooth as porcelain, flat as a mirror. When viewed against the light, there are no undulating lines and polishing lines on the plane, no warpage on the straight surface, the radian of the arc surface is standard, the thickness of the cylinder body is uniform and the weight is light, It is firm and elastic. Touch the pasted layer inside the cylinder block with your hand. It should be smooth without falling powder and sticking your hand. The joint between the skirt and the cylinder block should be tightly engaged and the gap should be consistent. The bathtub with good quality has good surface gloss and flatness. Pay attention to whether there are small cracks, defects, orange peel lines and other defects on the surface. The acrylic bathtub with good quality can maintain a bright appearance for a long time, and its service life can be as long as 15 years.

2. Look at the thickness

The thickness of acrylic cylinder is generally 3 ~ 10mm. Generally, the thicker the better. Pay attention to the surface finish and flatness, and pay attention to small cracks and defects. Do not buy bathtubs with orange peel on the surface.




























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